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Expert Termite Control & Treatment in Knoxville

Since 1980, the experts at American South Termite & Pest Control LLC have been providing termite treatment, termite inspection and insect removal services across Knoxville. These wood-destroying insects can cause severe structural damage as they eat away at beams and other structural supports. Thorough extermination of these pests by a reputable company with proven methods is the only way to prevent further damage and ensure a sound building. These bugs set up colonies and nests in the soil around foundations and are active year-round, though they are most aggressive in the spring.
There are several signs that you may have a termite problem. Any sawdust-like piles or elongated droppings are cause for concern, as are swarming or winged insects inside the home or building. You are most likely to see swarms in the fall or spring months. Any signs of winged insects emerging from the soil around your home or patio warrant a call to our company to schedule a termite inspection. Unlike other companies, we are licensed, bonded and insured, and our proven methods will target these insects before further damage can be done.

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Moisture control is the first step in preventing termite invasion. Pay special attention to the area around your foundation and address any leaking faucets, air conditioners or other water sources. Puddles on the roof, around landscape plants and in downspouts should be eliminated. The other key to controlling these insects is to remove potential food sources. Placing screens on outside vents and preventing wood from contacting soil are essential in safeguarding your home. Remove old stumps and store wood piles away from your foundation.

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Getting rid of termites demands an experienced exterminator with proven pest control methods. We provide expert service across eastern Tennessee and in Knoxville. Call us today at 865-932-3280 for more information or to schedule service.
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