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Serving Knoxville & East Tennessee

Professional Pest Control Company in Knoxville

For over 35 years, the experts at American South Termite & Pest Control LLC have been designing pest management strategies for business and residential applications. We pride ourselves on offering the best service in Knoxville, and you can count on us to provide reliable, ongoing insect prevention and suppression. Continuing assistance is the best way to ensure that your home or place of business remains pest-free and inviting to customers and clients. Early bug detection, which is allowed by regular visits, aids in quick extermination. Our technicians utilize modern techniques and methods to effectively eliminate insects, inhibit their return and safeguard your structure.

Expert Commercial Services & Monthly Inspections

We offer a variety of commercial pest control options, including monthly visits and routine inspections. During these service calls, we are able to evaluate control methods and take stock of any new insect outcroppings. Our licensed, bonded and insured staff has a wide range of experience managing pests in schools, industrial buildings, apartments and office structures. We understand the unique ways insects may enter your industrial or commercial setting and can recommend preventative maintenance methods to ensure that you avoid infestations.
We can implement moisture-lowering methods to increase ventilation and decrease pest infestations. In addition, we offer specialized treatment for bed bug control and termite issues. Inspecting foundations, crawlspaces and other areas allows us to detect any termite activity and take action to protect your structure from damage.

Serving Businesses in the East Tennessee Area

Our company understands that you want reliable pest control that will keep your house or business clean, presentable and structurally sound. That’s why we offer advanced treatments by trained professionals. For the best pest management in the East Tennessee and Knoxville areas, call our team of licensed experts at 865-932-3280.
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