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House and Fruit Fly Control in Knoxville

American South Termite & Pest Control LLC services the Knoxville area for all fly control needs. Houseflies are a major annoyance for many homeowners and commercial business owners. They slip in through open doors, loose-fitting screens and open windows. Once indoors, flies are difficult to trap or kill and can transmit many dangerous diseases. Housefly control for your home or business is a combination of prevention and proper treatment. Our staff has all the necessary tools and strategies for proper pest management and can help you design effective elimination strategies for your residential or commercial setting. We will help you identify and eradicate breeding grounds and control current infestations so that you can be fly-free!
Fruit flies come indoors in several ways. The most common pathway inside is on infested fruit or vegetables, although some flies may breed outdoors and then make their way in. Once a small invasion has developed, it can easily grow into a major problem if left untreated. The insects are drawn to ripening or rotting produce, garbage cans, meat scraps, disposals and liquor bottles.
House Fly
Adults lay their eggs in these locations, and each pest can reproduce rapidly and live up to 30 days. Fruit flies can contaminate food by spreading bacteria and disease, so getting rid of them quickly is desirable. Seek treatment for outcroppings as soon as possible for the best fruit fly control. A reliable exterminator is the only solution if you have a large or recurrent infestation of these pests.

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We offer in-home fumigation, heat treatment and perimeter fly assistance for your residence or business in Knoxville and East Tennessee. Our company understands that prompt, effective service is the only way to deal with fly and other bug issues, and we offer just that. For all your fly and pest control needs, give us a call at 865-932-3280.
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