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How to Keep Ants Out of Your Home


Spring is often the time of year you begin seeing more pests around your house. If you want to avoid the mayhem, check out these tips on how to get rid of ants and other pests invading your space.


How Do Carpenter Bees Affect Your Home?


If you have ever had a large, black-and-yellow bug buzz around your head, then you may have assumed it was just a bumblebee. However, it is more likely you had an encounter with a carpenter bee — an insect known for its wood-chewing habits.

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7 Signs That Your House Has Excessive Moisture


Water and building materials are rarely a good combination, and excessive moisture around your house can set up the perfect environment for pest infestations to thrive. Insects and rodents are attracted to places that offer an easy source for water, and a plumbing leak or dripping condensation may be viewed as an optimum place to get a drink.

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Moisture Control for Pest Prevention


Many people don’t realize household pests thrive in moisture-rich environments. Even if a food source is not present, some critters are able to live a long time if they have access to water. Damp places, like crawlspaces and basements, may attract creatures such as...

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