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Serving Knoxville & East Tennessee

Effective Bed Bug Control & Treatment
in Knoxville

The technicians at American South Termite & Pest Control LLC are experts at sleuthing out bed bugs. For over 35 years, we have effectively treated homes and businesses in the Knoxville area with proven extermination methods. If you think you may need bed bug treatment, look for the following signs of an infestation:
  • Live bugs
  • Bites on the body, especially the legs, that were not there at bedtime and that itch
  • Blood spots or stains on sheets
  • Fecal matter or black spots clustered in one area
  • Skin shells from the insects
These pests can be particularly difficult to find because of their size, shape and hiding ability. They are relatively small and flat-bodied, which allows them to hide in just about any crack or crevice. A professional inspection by one of our exterminator detectives can turn up signs of a problem, even if the bugs are hesitant to be found.
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Schedule an Inspection for Your Home or Business

No one wants to experience a bed bug problem. It’s physically and often emotionally uncomfortable. These insects can gain access to your home in luggage, on clothing, and in used mattresses or furniture. An infestation is not an indication of cleanliness level, as they can be found in even the cleanest residences. If left to reproduce, these pests can quickly multiply, exponentially increasing the problem and the cost and scope of treatment. If you think you may have bed bugs, schedule an inspection with one of our trained staff today.

Serving East Tennessee & Surrounding Areas

We specialize in techniques that will rid your home of a variety of unwanted insect pests. Along with bed bug control, we also offer fly control and many other services for your East Tennessee or Knoxville home. Call our specialists today at 865-932-3280 for prompt, effective service.
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